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The 36-year-old woman from Uga village in Rathdong alleged that three Myanmar soldiers were gang-raping her at gunpoint. He was subjected to forensic examination of sexual abuse at Sittui Hospital. He later filed the case at the police station on Friday.

The woman spoke to reporters on Friday evening. “I want the truth to be revealed,” he said. So I went to the police station and told the truth.

Uga villagers said members of the Myanmar army entered their village around 6 a.m. on June 29. Seeing the soldiers, the men fled from the village. Because they were feared to be detained on the pretext of collaborating with the Arakan Army.

The Myanmar army is fighting with that ethnic freedom-loving group in the Rakhine state.
The complainant was hiding in the house with five other women and three children.

That night, three soldiers were stationed at a neighbor’s house. They then summoned her for questioning and raped her at gunpoint.

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