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Staff Reporter

Most of the Rohingya Refugees including women and children don’t have any information about Coronavirus.
Meet The Press Coordinator and Media Wings confirm the news after having conversation with the Press. There was data collection program on May 2020 where it was discovered that many women and children don’t have any idea about Coronavirus.Many of them have worng concept of the virus. Some of them cant tell anything about the virus.
The maintenance of the health issues are also getting dangerously affected due to not knowing what to do.It is high time NGO bureau took effective steps to make the unconscious people aware about it as soon as possible by means of awareness program.
Staff Reporter met the conference room and got to know about it. There is another plan taken by the government in order to control the affected rate of coronavirus and in future, the tests will be controlled by the private sector so that tests can be given by all hospitals around Bangladesh.
Rohingya Refugees are still in safe zone although there are many people who have coronavirus symptoms. They require to take initiatives in order to check the rapid growth of virus.