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Daily Life of the Rohingya Refugees Seems Alien to the New Generation since they are in another Country.
Staff Reporter
Corona Situation, global crisis and Rohingya life are getting worse day by day because everyone is simply doing job and making money but no one is ready to set the refugees in their own place. For that, Myanmar Government is sole responsible.
Rohingya Community  inside Refugees Camps are having very much boring life as if they were living in slums. The pictures here are displaying this tough over populated camp condition.

Many Rohingya men have opined that life in Myanmar was better due to tin shed houses where there was farmlands and self cultivated crops and fishes.
Now here is nothing more than reliefs and alms.
Some of the people believe that going back to homeland , living in their own houses, farming their own land, grazing cows in the fields and fishing in the ponds and rivers may give them peace.

This life here in the refugee camps is nothing but imprisonment. Once a little girl named Rahima who is nine years old- she was asked how she feels here and How her life in Myanmar was. She responded that houses were large there, she could drink cow milk and beef there.

Her school days were also happy as the classes were big and it was building. But here it is carpeted houses like tents, and small houses inside plastic sheets. Food is also same everyday like rice, pulse, vegetables etc. The temporary sheds of houses around are very congested and narrow.

Every one is longing to go back  home safely.
Rohingya living at Ukhiya and Teknaf in Coxbazar Bangladesh May be providing shelters but not safe satisfaction of Mind Core .
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