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Life seems to be endless pain for the Rohingya Refugees as Rain water in penetrating the tent roofs.

Staff Reporter

Heavy rain has been continuously disturbing the normal life in the Rohingya Refugees camps both at Teknaf and Ukhiya in Coxbazar. Many people are unable to go to the market places for taking their reliefs.
People are facing problems in walking from one place to another as wet muddy roads are very slippery. Old people and women are prone to injury. On the other hand, it has been notified by the weather department that rain may continue this whole month and create flood situation in Chittagong, Coxbazar and Bandarban.

One of our team member named Abu Syed who has been living in Balukhali Camp has told to our correspondence, “Rain is very heavy and it falls very dangerously. Many people lost their tents since water has submerged them”.

Sufferings know no bounds when there is a scarcity of food and proper shelter and sometimes due to heavy wind, shelters were needed to be rebuilt. He added.

So, it is high time to make the whole community very alert and provide them enough support.
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