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Staff Reports
The government has taken a plan to relocate more than one lakh Rohingyas to Bhasanchar at the temporary transit point set up for Rohingyas at Ukhia College ground.  Working towards that goal.  In the context of which 600 Rohingya families are going to Bhasanchar in the first step.  A temporary transit point has been set up at the Ukhia College ground to take the Rohingyas from the 34 Ukhia-Teknaf camps in Cox’s Bazar to Bhasanchar.  Made multiple cloth pandals and booths in the field.  Although no one in the responsible administration wants to open his mouth in this regard, the massive arrangements for taking the Rohingyas to Bhasanchar are eye-catching.
 Sources said that the transfer of these Rohingyas from Ukhia College ground in Cox’s Bazar to Bhasanchar may start from tomorrow (Thursday) morning.  Necessary transport arrangements and food items have been stockpiled for this.  Earlier, a delegation of 22 NGOs visited the island in the Bay of Bengal to discuss the relocation of Rohingyas.  7 tons of food items have been stockpiled for Rohingyas willing to go to Bhasanchar.
 Head of Camp-20 Majhi Mohammad Hossain said that 6 families from Camp-20 and Extension 20 have been registered to go to Rohingya Bhasanchar.  However, at the time of writing, all the families were staying in the camp till 6 pm.
 Head of Camp-18 Majhi Mohammad Noor said that although 60 families were named from his camp, 9 families had agreed to go to Bhasanchar.  Jafar Alam, head of Camp-5, said that 5 Rohingya families from that camp are willing to go to Bhasanchar.Meanwhile, the common people of Ukhia-Teknaf are expressing some relief at the news that 1 lakh Rohingyas are finally going to Bhasanchar.
 In this regard, Professor Tahidul Alam Tahid, Department of History, Ukhia College, welcomed the initiative of the government to set up temporary transit points at Ukhia College ground for the relocation of Rohingyas to Bhasanchar.