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There are many organizations working for the Rohingya Refugees in Coxbazar for almost three years since 2017. IOM, UNDP,WFP,UNHCR, BRAC, MUKTI, MSF etc are working day and night for the refugees.

Coronavirus positive cases were not found earlier in the NGO staffs. But according to report of the local news agencies there are 169 cases of NGO staffs from various NGOs who are Corona Positive.

Water, sanitation and food programs are ongoing in the camps. On the otherhand, Coxbazar is already a red zone since there are 1925 corona cases reported till 19 June.

Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner (RRRC) Mahabub Alam Talukder said that almost 800 people are quarantined and doctors, nurses and technicians are ready and serving accordingly.

The Refugees are afraid to disclose their illnesses and many unknown cases have been recorded right after death or severe illnesses.