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Staff Reporter

Corona Virus hasn’t disappeared so far the Govt Report States. Many people are getting careless about the health issues like washing hands again and again, using hand sanitizer, using masks and maintaining social distance etc.

Earlier government had separated Three Different Zones for whole Bangladesh. Many people didnt know what was red, yellow or green zone. Actually, it was a plan by the government to make people stay safe from danger zones. But Coxbazar Central area had been separated in two zones two parts of it were green although other ten parts were in red zone.
Surprisingly, people dont follow any rules or regulations right after the relaxation. Rohingya Camps are not safe either and Kutupalong is certainly in the red zone.
People from different parts of Bangladesh work in the Rohingya Refugees camps which is why noone is safe now. Already, Thursday and Friday are the two days while Coxbazar medical Corona Lab has stopped testing due to some technical issues. In the meantime, Corona Virus may be increasing more as experts report that winter may hit more Covid-19 cases.

Our staff journalist, Rashed has attended a press meeting and informed us..