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All restrictions are keeping people in full check along with Coronavirus threat and lock down.

Many small shops are around the camps where people collect services for many things. Recently, SIM services were shut down and internet marketing strategy is also under control as Government officials fear that the posing threat would mean information will leak via mobile and internet services.

People are unable to move anywhere as if life had been in cage.

Recently, government orders were given to control any illegal activities in the Camps as some people made videos on threat towards Bangladesh. Coronavirus cases are increasing too.

It is mentioned that near about 600000 SIMs are active in the Rohingya Refugees Camps from various operators.

Most of the people around the camps and outside the camps want internet connection.

Many NGOs are found guilty providing services to the camp residents contrary to the rules of that Government Republic of Bangladesh.

Government is now under a mission to put things in the right direction by controlling every possible threats.

As a result, camp situation is purely under restriction and everyone is under observation and check. One of the Rohingya Teachers said that we need internet to pass our lock down time. There is no possible way to communicate without internet.