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Past has a terrible traumatic effect on the Rohingya Community

Staff Reporter

There are a lot of problems in the camps and there is a security issue too. Moreover, interviewing the Rohingya Women has given us much knowledge on what happened to them regarding the escape.
Many responded that there was fire everywhere caused by the Myanmar Military and the gunshots all around. People were running here and there in order to save their lives. Young women were the victims of physical torturers, rapes and murders. Many children were burnt alive in front of the parents. Many fled from the houses hiding in the jungles whereas they had to walk a very long distance coming five days without any food, crossing rivers unsafely.

Further more, there were a lot of people who helped them to cross the border and came to Bangladesh. Suffering didn’t end here.
A lot of men were killed by the Myanmar Military and the horrible incidents still create shocking traumatic stress.

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