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Coxbazar Correspondence
Kutupalong, Ukhiya
In a press conference, our staff Reporter shared saying that
It is visible and found that-None is allowed to move from a camp to another. Mostly, Anyone having electronic devices being suspicious in the camp is arrested. NGOs near camp are interrogated as Mobile network is Under serious care and  some other NGOs got stopped. Therefore, many Other NGOs are under severe observations.
By the way, Only News Agencies are permitted.
All NGO staff must be safe near camps as if they are interrogated they must mention private jobs showing ID cards and no foreigners are allowed to visit  camps without permission and already two foreigners were sent back. No teacher is allowed to go out of the camp too.
Therefore, It is an urgent necessity to find out the lists of organizations who are motivating the refugees not to go back for their own benefit. The authority keeps some organizations under observation like some terrorist groups or anti social group or banned organization who are creating problem for repatriation. Camp security will be enhanced fully to avoid clash.