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Staff Reporter
In this Corona situation, People are getting dissatisfied living in the camp because of the scarcity of proper food supply in time as the demand is ever-increasing since many thousands of small shops developed which affect the business chain in the way of supply and demand condition.
MD Israfil from Kutupalong camp reported that there is gun shot, fighting shouts, turmoil, beating and clashes among people.
Due to Lock Down and other issues, Local people believe that if there is scarcity of food in the camp, there will be limitless difficulties awaiting with the law and order system turmoil. People said we dont know whether this is created by Myanmar Government or not because if the Rohingyas are declared as terrorists , then they are ever happy.
Amir Hossen ( Hidden Name) told to our correspondence that ”There are 3/4 groups among Rohingyas who have been fighting against each other for last  2 months. Last 2/3 weeks it was normal but, then again  it got started last Thursday. Many people were injured and many houses  were burnt and broken in 3/4 camps.