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Corona situation is getting more dangerous day by day.
Two more Rohingya Community members died in Coronavirus Pandemic on 8 June. Both the Refugees were male. One of them is fifty eight years old and he used to live in Camp 10.
Another Rohingya Refugee was seventy years old who lived in Camp 7.
Including these two Rohingya Refugees, now the total death number increases up to three and there are around fifty Coronavirus positive patients in the camps so far.
Additional RRRC Shamshudoja informed our correspondence that both of the patients were Coronavirus positive before death. Another person was confirmed on last 8 June.
He also confirmed that only two Rohingya Refugees recovered so far and 30 more are under hospital treatment.
Our staff journalist talked to the camp authority regarding this.
They said that the situation is still under control although people are not ready to maintain health issues.
Still we need to take more measures to stop the spreading of this virus.